Your plants start wilting, dropping leaves, shoots die back or leaves start to soften all of a sudden. December 15, 2020. Then they’ll drown. e.g. Rocks don’t decompose at all, so they’re not improving the soil quality in any way. Weeds aren’t just a problem in your garden. Anchor one end of each cord in the tub with a rock or brick, and coil the other end around the soil atop each pot. Served the dual purpose of drainage (as some people might use gravel) and possibly providing calcium. Fill the tray with a single layer of pebbles and add enough water so that it rises just about halfway up the rocks. This isn’t always necessary, as the weight of the rocks should keep the fabric down in the small area. Putting rocks on top of potted plants is a perfectly acceptable method to cover the soil decoratively. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. The geotextile will take care of all the drainage and protection you need. Plant leaves may turn yellow. and rocks or pebbles. The rocks also help provide an aesthetic look to your plants. tray in place, you won’t need to spend as much time misting these water-hungry A potted plant with bare dirt isn’t very attractive, and the dirt can easily spill over the sides of the pot and get everywhere. So it is hard trying to place water in the saucer to feed from the root up really without help. Top Answer. There are bigger river rocks available. It might not seem like much, but even a few droplets of muddy water on the foliage of your plant can do harm. Just keep adding No Benefit to Plants: Rocks don’t aid plant growth or soil health. old bird bath, or anything else that is about an inch (2.5 cm.) Speaking of fungal growth, rocks can also prevent common issues related to traditional mulch products. It also doesn’t attract pests, which is a huge plus for outdoor pots. Is it OK to put pebbles/gravel on top of potted plants (to prevent wind from blowing the dirt everywhere) Close. It not only looks pretty, but the pebbles keep the soil moist and hold down little gnats from laying eggs in your dirt and breeding. So, they tend to stay much cooler. These stones offer more traction and as a result, slipping is out of the question with these stones … It adds extra weight which keep top-heavy plants from falling over. Marble and granite chips come from the same stuff that’s on your kitchen countertops! In many of our pots, we glue the rocks in place so you can enjoy a more fuss-free plant. Rocks for Plants, Succulents, Fairy Garden Big 3lb Bulk Bag – 10-15mm Tumbled Crushed Natural White Stone Pebbles for Decorating Bonsai Trees, Zen Garden, Succulent Plants … Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. ... top for decoration and to keep the weeds from growing around your helps to add a layer of pine straw between the soil and the top layer of rock to help hold moisture and insulate. When you water your plant, the excess will run off into the tray, Otherwise you run the risk of entombing sensitive plants with moisture. Sounds silly I know but how I am supposed to water my plant after? Nearly all plants prefer a natural wet-dry cycle, as that’s what they experience in nature. Easily spruce up your indoor potted plants by adding a layer of rocks on top of the dirt. You have several different types of rocks to choose from. You don’t have to make the layer of rocks super thick. With any kind of top dressing, but especially finer grained types, more is not better. Turns out plants don’t have the best foresight haha. If you do use rocks in your potted plants, make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight. You can even use aquarium gravel to add a touch of color to your potted plants! Return of the Weeds: Wind will eventually blow soil between rocks, creating a spot for weeds to grow. hide. Channel your inner Andy Goldsworthy and create a geometric pattern with polished river … Rocks contain micro nutrients, which erode over time, Roots latch onto these rocks and can slowly suck these rocks, if the plant lives for many years in one container this could be of use for extra minerals. Set potted plants on top of the rocks. I want to buy sand tomorrow to help keep the top layer of soil dry so gnats and co cannot lay their eggs. Once we put in an irrigation system and a lawn and threw in some plants, the yard was good enough. Peat moss and sphagnum moss are great alternatives to rocks. My current favorite is a top dressing of little white stones, looks so modern. At the top of the pot I doubt it would do anything much. If I wanted a bed of gravel or stones, I’d remove some material (make sure the base earth slopes away), put down a fabric weed barrier, a layer of sand packed down, then gravel, stones or pavers, packed down. In gardening, lava rocks are perfect for succulents and other drought-resistant plants. Extra-large containers are decorative, and many larger plants with heavy trunks or expansive root systems require larger planters to provide adequate support.